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Most bracelets are $14.00
Most earrings are $10 -$12.00
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More New Stuff

 Red and blue double layer necklace
 Royal blue triple row bracelet
 Red double stackers
 Hansen's turquoise bracelet he wouldn't wear
 Purple turquoise with white stackers
 Long blue turquoise necklace with red jasper pendant
 Double row turquoise bracelet
 Silver stacker earrings
 Awesome green turquoise necklace with white beads
 Yellow clover earrings
 Blue turquoise ball earrings
 Green clover earrings
 Black and blue triple row necklace
 Blue turquoise teardrop earrings
 Blue and white turquoise necklace
 Blue turquoise earrings with white stackers
 Silver teardrop earrings
 Thick white turquoise trio stackers
 Long blue turquoise beaded necklace with a druzy pendant
 White turquoise long necklace with a blue turquoise pendant
 A pile of different colors of little cuties earrings
 Fuchsia turquoise and yellow turquoise bracelet
 Baby bracelet with pink beads and blue flowers
 Baby bracelet with turquoise beads and red flowers
 Long yellow beaded necklace with blue turquoise pendant
 Triple row turquoise with black matte beads
 Little girls bracelet with purple beads and white flowers
 White turquoise with long blue teardrop beads
 Big blue teardrop necklace

 Turquoise spiral bracelet

 Triple row turquoise bracelet
 Blue turquoise and yellow turquoise necklace
 Long red beaded necklace with turquoise pendant

 White turquoise teardrop necklace
 Green pumpkin beaded earrings
 Triple yellow turquoise necklace
 Little black rice bead earrings
 Orangish red beaded necklace with blue teardrops
 White turquoise with layers of blue turquoise
 Yellow turquoise beaded necklace with black druzy pendant
 Black matte barrel beaded earrings
 Little girl bracelet with purple beads and big pink flower
 Little girl bracelet with white beads and blue flowers
 Row of blue flowers with yellow beads little girl bracelet
 Little girl necklace with turquoise beads and big pink flower pendant
 All blue turquoise necklace with 3 rows
 Little girl necklace with blue teardrops
 Little girl blue turquoise and red flower beaded necklace
 Little girl pink necklace with white flowers
 Big green turquoise earrings
 Long pink necklace with blue turquoise pendant
 A different version of the yellow necklace with the same druzy pendant
 Black and blue earrings
 Yellow and turquoise triple row bracelet
 Blue earrings with white teardrops
 Silver and green turquoise earrings
 Silver stacker earrings
 Silver beaded necklace with awesome big turquoise pendant
 Black teardrop beaded earrings
Silver wrapped fuchsia beaded earrings
 Turquoise dangle earrings
 Blue turquoise triple row necklace
 Little silver ball earrings
 Little girl pink bracelet with turquoise flowers
Little girl turquoise bracelet with red flowers